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What are your products and prices? To view a list of products, prices, and samples click the green "Click Here to View Prices" tab above your photo. Scroll down to see samples and prices of the most popular items. Click on one of the 5 tabs at the top to view other products.

Is cropping available? Yes, you will be asked to crop and adjust the image before it is placed in your cart. We can not change the cropping after your order is placed.

The photo for the Event Code and Frame number on my card is not me, what should I do? If the Frame Number on your card is not your photo, look a few frames before and after and you should find it.

I lost my card, how do I find my photo? Click on Browse Events by Date, Time, Location. Click on the first Box and choose your Location then click on the second box to choose the Date & Time. There are 500 frames in each time slot.

Will the MSPevents.com watermark across the picture be removed from the photos I order? Yes, it is only displayed on the website.

Can I upload my own photos and order your products? Yes! When viewing proofs from an event, click on the Upload Images tab. After uploading your Images will be found under the Favorites tab.

How do I order Holiday Greeting cards? Add Holiday Greeting cards to cart, select the Occasion and Greeting from the drop down boxes, then click on the red "See horizontal designs" Slide the grey bar below the card designs to see the available cards and click on a card to choose it. Click and drag the photo you want from the top of the page onto the card. You can move the photo on the card with the mouse and also zoom in and out. Customize your message and it will be displayed on the card in a few moments. When you are finished customizing your card select the quantity and click on "Continue" to add it to your cart.

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