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Expired Events

If the photos you are looking for are not online, either they have not been posted yet or they may have expired.

It usually only takes a day for the photos to be posted online.
Sometimes it can take a little longer.

Photos are online for about a year. Ordering within 60 days after the event will avoid archive fees. If the event you are looking for took place more than a year ago the event may have expired and is no longer online. We keep a record of all photos taken should you need to reorder. Email the event code and frame # from your card to service@MSPevents.com with a description of the bike and people and we'll put them online in one of our reorder files so you may view them and place an order.

Reorder prices are higher than for prints ordered before the event goes offline. Ordering before the event expires is best, but if you need more prints we'll always have them available.